Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships


An exclusive partnership designed for your school where collectively you will learn what teacher wellbeing really is, how to integrate it into every-day life and discover practical ways to make instant and embedded changes for you and your school.

Teacher Wellbeing Resources

We know teachers are time poor, busy and appreciate things being easy, which is exactly why our Teacher Wellbeing resources are all here in our app. Easy to use, relevant content and multiple ways to learn, our app is your Teacher Wellbeing toolkit in one.

How can I access the app?

Our Teacher Wellbeing app is included in all Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships and is also available for individual and school use.

Why Join Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships?

Teacher Wellbeing is a growing issue facing educators across the country. It is time we offered teachers ongoing support instead of one-off events.

Our Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships ensure teachers have the opportunity to implement long term solutions which focus on improving and enhancing their wellbeing. We work with schools to develop a consistent approach to Teacher Wellbeing, showing them how to achieve embedded change rather than continuing to seek solution through morning teas, yoga classes and meeting free weeks.

Each uniquely designed partnership includes:

A bespoke and tailored approach for you school
Access to our Teacher Wellbeing App for the duration of your membership
High Quality professional Learning including Face-to-Face and online training
Coaching and Mentoring for School Leaders
Practical strategies and tasks to implement instantly
Ongoing and unlimited email support
Teacher Wellbeing is taught using our exclusive Teacher Wellbeing Framework, encompassing the 5 key domains of Teacher Wellbeing, with self-care woven carefully through each one.

Partnership Options

Real Schools rejects the notion that ‘Drop & Run’ PD events can alone transform Teacher Wellbeing. As such, we have three ongoing and supported options for schools who are looking to make an embedded change to the way they approach Teacher Wellbeing in their school.


Impetus Partnership

12 month partnership designed to develop a consistent understanding of Teacher Wellbeing within your school, creating a shared approach whilst beginning to implement practical and useful strategies to enhance Teacher Wellbeing.


Advanced Partnership

24 month partnership that is focused on creating a consistent approach to Teacher Wellbeing with a deeper understanding of the 5 domains of Teacher Wellbeing including individual and collective strategies which enhance the wellbeing of all educators.


Elite Partnership

36 month partnership that is committed to establishing a consistent and embedded approach to Teacher Wellbeing which enhances overall School Wellbeing.


Sign-up yourself, your school or an educator in your school for a Teacher Wellbeing Partnership.

Want to chat about a Teacher Wellbeing Partnership with our Associate Director of School Wellbeing, Amy Green?

Teacher Wellbeing –
A Matter of Urgency Whitepaper

Teacher wellbeing is an issue. There is no hiding from it, no denying it and no pretending like we have it under control, because we don’t.

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